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Drones are changing the world

living in the  revolution  of these technologies, drones are impacting every year  significantly industries, businesses and solutions to our lives.

Acosta Media has certified drone pilots to offer services with drone technology with high resolution images such as quality photographs, video and aerial photogrammetry.


We combine our experience offering services for more than twenty years that go hand in hand with the needs of our clients, providing direct results in the return on investment and results.

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LiDAR scanning


Air Services

Certified and Registered

We have the FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Certification and License together with a group of Pilots in Command (PIC) ready to carry out the work for your company, individual or agencies.


Modern inspection with the use of drone technology allows it to be more efficient, visualize inaccessible places, obtain results and provide security by avoiding taking a person to high or low places.  The inspection is well used in the industries of real estate, construction, buildings, gas lines, transportation networks, rescue, electrical systems, solar panels, a variety of tanks, land and different types of towers. 


These technologies are required to capture high-resolution images and videos for the following solutions:


  • Minimize search or inspection time.

  • Use of high-resolution images or videos that allow quality expansion to detect details of damage to infrastructure or terrain that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  • Exchange of images with RGB and Thermal camera to evaluate different options that allow detecting what is being searched for.

  • Carry out evaluations for decision making before climbing scaffolding, towers at heights or descending through places that are not safe for a human being.

  • Taking images or videos by time to generate comparisons, accounting, knowing where things are, construction evaluation, inventory, risk detection, supervision and others.

  • With the thermal camera they can evaluate the heat dissipation in the elements to be evaluated.



  • Images 16:9, 3/2 and 6K resolution

  • Panorama

  • 360° images

  • Integrate images with dslr/mirrorless cameras

  • Several of compositions with different perspectives

  • Create a bank of images for marketing and advertising


An analysis of each place is carried out to seek to highlight the elements of interest of the clients using techniques for photographic composition, highlighting colors and alternatives with different perspectives using the following photographic options:

Aereal Video

For this service we generate a study of the needs and styles to design and produce the ideal video shots to highlight the places and generate a video project using composition techniques, color highlights using logarithms and with different perspectives and movements using the following options:

  • Video cuts with changes of angles and movements

  • Near real-time view of shots

  • 360° videos

  • Integrate shots with dslr/mirrorless cameras

  • Several of compositions with different perspectives

  • Create a bank of images for marketing and advertising


Currently, these unmanned vehicles capture photographs for the agriculture, architecture, surveying, construction, hydrography, engineering, and surveying industries, among others. The applications used allow the delivery of multiple reports used by professionals for decision making, project management, action points, handling situations such as evaluating the return on investment.  


Photogrammetry is a process that maps the terrain with the collected images and processes them on a computer to import them into an application that generates reports with information and images of topographic maps such as:

  • Ortho Mosaic

  • 3D texture meshes

  • 2D or 3D model 

  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • Point cloud

  • Produce kml files

  • 3D video

  • Generate report with measurements, surfaces and volumes  


Photogrammetry work is carried out with the use of drones using artificial intelligence and telemetry. Drones produce aerial surveys of digital photographs by means of cameras with high resolution by measurement applying the use of techniques, mission programming, selection of the element of the study with its area, interpretation of photographic images and flights with autonomous movements using artificial intelligence.

Corporations and individuals 1-1 advice

In the photography, video and drone use industries, users have questions that need to be clarified individually, which is why we created a concept of individual sessions of direct support, assistance and advice, which are the following:

  • Clarify doubts about the 14 CFR Part 107 certification

  • Purchase of equipment (drone, photography and video)

  • One to One DSLR or Mirrorless camera (photo and video)

  • One to One drone (photo and video)

  • Management of composition and lighting (drone, photography and video)

  • Quotation of services (drone, photography and video)

  • Contract clauses (drone, photography and video)

  • Photo editing management

  • Video editing advice


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